Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seattle Half Marathon Race Report


What a tough course! After a race like that I definitely had to give my body a break.

- Seeing hundreds of thousands of people running over I-90
- Spending the entire race waiting for the hill that would be my eternal doom and never finding it
- Starting, running, and finishing the race with friends

-Really the only disappointment is my Garmin malfunctioning. It stopped tracking my location while I was under the bridge. I assumed the clock kept running. But I have it on auto stop for when I'm "not moving." Sarah and I thought we finished in 2:19... and it was really 2:27.

I feel really good about how this race turned out. Even with the Garmin snafu I still shaved 11 minutes of my PR.

Look out Phoenix Rock N' Roll Half!!! :)